Tired of struggling to remember your passwords?


There is a better, secure way! Since October of 2007 I have used Roboform*. It is one tool I could not live without! Right now I have over 950 passwords saved between my own personal ones, my families, my businesses and clients. I can't even image how anyone else does it without a password management program. Yes there are others like LastPass, KeePass and Dashlane but when I tried them after years of using Roboform (they started in 1997), it wasn't as fluid or intuitive for me so I stuck … [Read more...]

Warning if you have Windows 7 or 8

WindowsUpdate - Forced upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft is forcing the upgrade to Windows 10 which could potentially cause you to loose time, data, passwords (you should be using Roboform) and slow the internet while it downloads the massive files - without your permission. This update will suddenly shut down your computer, locking you out if you are working on stuff while it does its thing. People allow Microsoft to install recommended updates because they trust the company to keep their PCs safe by installing bug and security fixes … [Read more...]

How I Created my Work Space

My Office

This is a response to the article "How to create a functional work space at home" written by Erin Flynn. Having a comfortable and functional work space is a necessity when working from home. You can’t focus if your space is a mess, and you can’t work efficiently if you don’t have everything you need within easy reach. Continue reading on http://erineflynn.com/create-functional-work-space and then come back and see how I do it.   Wow so think like her! I agree and do all 8 … [Read more...]

My New Office Arrangment


I've put a lot of thought into what surrounds me where I spend the greatest part of my life and would love to share it with you. Here's a photo of my office command center in it's arrangement as of July 2015: 360* view of the room: I have three 27" LED Asus monitors on a 72" Versa Center Desk with Dioder 4 Piece Light Strip Set* (set to purple) , Merc Stealth Steelseries Keyboard* (that glows purple), Delcom Quad Foot Switch (for my push to talk), Logitech G500* gaming mouse, Samson … [Read more...]

Those Pesky Keys To Success

Key Lady

This is a guest post written by my mother, Vicki O'Neal many years ago. ~ Karissa It was a bit embarrassing, to say the least. There I was in the darkness of my daughter’s yard, wielding a flashlight while raking through piles of leaves. Cars slowed on Lane Street, and I could feel eyes staring at me from the dimness. My daughter appeared briefly in the doorway of her house, accompanied by her pampered little pooch. She stood looking at me with a dubious expression. “Find them, yet?” … [Read more...]

Do I sleep different from you? My experince with DSPS


Most of the time I don't go to bed till after 5am and sleep till 1pm. You see I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome DSPD & Non-24 and have had it for years. Rather then continuing to hide it and subtly work around it, I want to start spreading awareness to this somewhat rare Sleep Disorder of the Circadian Rhythm. Studies in the 1990s found that DSPS affected more than 1 in 1000 adults (about 10% of teenagers and about 0.15% of adults) are affected and Non-24 is even rarer at 0.03% … [Read more...]

Why Use a Battery Backup for your Computer


Just gatta say I LOVE my new computer battery backup! I had bought it several months ago but never got around to getting it plugged in. When I was rearranging my office area last week (you can see it here), I finally got it going. I made it so that just my computer was plugged into it. Everything else (3 monitors, speakers w/sub, printer, 3 external hard drives, Neat Desk Scanner, purple glowy light strip & desk laps) is plug into a 12 outlet power strip that is plugged into a Woods … [Read more...]