How I Created my Work Space

My Office

This is a response to the article "How to create a functional work space at home" written by Erin Flynn. Having a comfortable and functional work space is a necessity when working from home. You can’t focus if your space is a mess, and you can’t work efficiently if you don’t have everything you need within easy reach. Continue reading on and then come back and see how I do it.   Wow so think like her! I agree and do all 8 … [Read more...]

I’ve been to 26 states! How many have you?

States Karissa Has Been as of 11/2014

While I was growing up my dad was an over the road truck driver and my mom and I would travel with him sometimes. Over the years I've really covered some ground! Here's a break down of what I remember from each of the 26 states I've been in: Alabama - I lived there for 4 months. Alaska Arizona - Visited my Uncle there as a child. Arkansas - We had family vacations in Bull Shoals. California - Visited as a child and went to Disneyland then as an adult visited family and went to … [Read more...]