Do I sleep different from you? My experince with DSPS


Most of the time I don't go to bed till after 5am and sleep till 1pm. You see I have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome DSPD & Non-24 and have had it for years. Rather then continuing to hide it and subtly work around it, I want to start spreading awareness to this somewhat rare Sleep Disorder of the Circadian Rhythm. Studies in the 1990s found that DSPS affected more than 1 in 1000 adults (about 10% of teenagers and about 0.15% of adults) are affected and Non-24 is even rarer at 0.03% … [Read more...]

Why Use a Battery Backup for your Computer


Just gatta say I LOVE my new computer battery backup! I had bought it several months ago but never got around to getting it plugged in. When I was rearranging my office area last week (you can see it here), I finally got it going. I made it so that just my computer was plugged into it. Everything else (3 monitors, speakers w/sub, printer, 3 external hard drives, Neat Desk Scanner, purple glowy light strip & desk laps) is plug into a 12 outlet power strip that is plugged into a Woods … [Read more...]

Twitter Interface Changes


I just noticed that on Twitter, the  Messages button decided to take a stroll the the left side of the nav bar and replace "Me" and they swapped it with "Discover". Then they put the avatar in place of the Settings Gear and made the "New Tweet" button bigger. Interesting! Who else noticed?       Holy Cow they did it! It's now just an item! Ok next I would like to rearrange my lists. At least make them alphabetized. #Twitter @twitter — Karissa Skirmont … [Read more...]

My favorite thing to sleep with – SleepPhones


Relieve stress and listen to music with wonderfully soft SleepPhones, the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping. A family physician developed these innovative high-quality headphones to help patients fall asleep naturally, without drugs. I LOVE my SleepPhones! I'm a night owl, I tend to go to bed late and get up after the sun comes up so I have them cover my eyes so they replaced the eyemask that I used to wear. They are amazing to use when you are traveling and at hotels. I … [Read more...]

New Favorite Plugins


Today I've done some cleaning up of my plugins across my three Multisite installs. Making sure that key ones where on all of them and eliminating ones that I didn't use anymore and were outdated. I also found some great new ones that are pretty nifty! Codepress Admin Columns ~ Manage and organize columns in the posts, users, comments and media lists in the WordPress admin panel. Transform the WordPress admin screens into beautiful, clear overviews. Amazing but now I want the Pro version … [Read more...]

Why you should check Social Networks before you buy


Normally I do my due diligence when buying online. This one time though I didn't cause I thought I knew about this company, but turns out... not so much. I placed an order May 20th with Rollabind by calling the number on the website and actually got what I presumed to be the owner on the line. I wanted to get the purple basic discs (72) and the a couple of shells in an assortment of sizes that were not listed on the website and he seemed accommodating. My card was charged the next day but … [Read more...]

Levenger Circa Notebook System


Have you wanted a notebook or daily planner that you could rearrange the pages? For years I used the spiral bound Gold Fibre Project Planner from Wal-Mart. I loved the page layout but after a couple months of note taking, I would have my important ideas mixed in with the not-so-important notes scattered throughout the pages and not find them again. I've tried the Daytimers, Franklin Coveys, the plain ol' planners. Nothing fit me just right. I tried creating my own with a 3 ring … [Read more...]

Welcome To My Website

Welcome to my personal/professional website where I share my ideas and views based on my personal experience and expertise. Here I put my thoughts on design processes, creativity, research, work methodologies, etc. For years I have known I needed to write but my mom just didn't pass on her writing gene to me. So here is my attempt at it. It shall be interesting to see how my 'writing voice' develops. … [Read more...]