Tired of struggling to remember your passwords?


There is a better, secure way! Since October of 2007 I have used Roboform*. It is one tool I could not live without! Right now I have over 950 passwords saved between my own personal ones, my families, my businesses and clients. I can't even image how anyone else does it without a password management program. Yes there are others like LastPass, KeePass and Dashlane but when I tried them after years of using Roboform (they started in 1997), it wasn't as fluid or intuitive for me so I stuck … [Read more...]

How I Created my Work Space

My Office

This is a response to the article "How to create a functional work space at home" written by Erin Flynn. Having a comfortable and functional work space is a necessity when working from home. You can’t focus if your space is a mess, and you can’t work efficiently if you don’t have everything you need within easy reach. Continue reading on http://erineflynn.com/create-functional-work-space and then come back and see how I do it.   Wow so think like her! I agree and do all 8 … [Read more...]

My New Office Arrangment


I've put a lot of thought into what surrounds me where I spend the greatest part of my life and would love to share it with you. Here's a photo of my office command center in it's arrangement as of July 2015: 360* view of the room: I have three 27" LED Asus monitors on a 72" Versa Center Desk with Dioder 4 Piece Light Strip Set* (set to purple) , Merc Stealth Steelseries Keyboard* (that glows purple), Delcom Quad Foot Switch (for my push to talk), Logitech G500* gaming mouse, Samson … [Read more...]

My favorite thing to sleep with – SleepPhones


Relieve stress and listen to music with wonderfully soft SleepPhones, the world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping. A family physician developed these innovative high-quality headphones to help patients fall asleep naturally, without drugs. I LOVE my SleepPhones! I'm a night owl, I tend to go to bed late and get up after the sun comes up so I have them cover my eyes so they replaced the eyemask that I used to wear. They are amazing to use when you are traveling and at hotels. I … [Read more...]

Levenger Circa Notebook System


Have you wanted a notebook or daily planner that you could rearrange the pages? For years I used the spiral bound Gold Fibre Project Planner from Wal-Mart. I loved the page layout but after a couple months of note taking, I would have my important ideas mixed in with the not-so-important notes scattered throughout the pages and not find them again. I've tried the Daytimers, Franklin Coveys, the plain ol' planners. Nothing fit me just right. I tried creating my own with a 3 ring … [Read more...]