How I Created my Work Space


This is a response to the article “How to create a functional work space at home” written by Erin Flynn.

Having a comfortable and functional work space is a necessity when working from home. You can’t focus if your space is a mess, and you can’t work efficiently if you don’t have everything you need within easy reach.
Continue reading on and then come back and see how I do it.


Wow so think like her! I agree and do all 8 tips!

I’ve put a lot of thought into what is around me the largest part of my life. In fact, I have a post that I regularly update with photos and what’s in it. Check it out on

Now on to my response to her tips.

Tip #1 – Get a good chair and desk

My very comfortable Realspace PRO Quantum Mesh Chair chair is amazing! Before this chair I would have to get a new one every 2 years after it broke down. While it can get expensive, I think its very important when your spending so much time in it.

For my desk, I have a 72″ Versa Center Desk  which is all adjustable. I have it lowered to 24″ from the standard 30″ to accommodate my body proportions (being 5’2″). With the chair lowered, my feet rest flat on the floor and don’t put unnecessary pressure on my thighs and with the adjustable arms, my arms are parallel to the desk. I’m at it 8+ hours a day and don’t have too much strain or fatigue.

Tip #2 – Set up your office somewhere with good light

Once I was able to move from the living room to my college sister’s old room, I was able to position my desk so that I have the window right beside me and get good natural light. As an added bonus, from about 3-5pm the sunlight shines in and hits the prisms that I have hanging in the window setting my room on fire with pretty rainbows!

Tip #3 – If you have the option to close a door, close it

I really need have time in my own space to feel best. It may be a little woo woo to you, but in the Human Design System, you need to have more than 2 arms length space around you to get out of other peoples auras and energy fields.

Tip #4 – Create a filing system

I love the plastic drawers from Walmart and have about 5 of them around the house. They are just the right size for a lot of things and so portable. I use drawer organizers from tip #7 to keep every thing I need in easy reach.

Tip #5 – Have a place to keep “junk”

I have several drawers that are designated ‘Junk Drawers’ and I tend to put bigger stuff on the back enclosed porch. I was in a program a several years ago called “Clean Up Your Life” by Russell Feingold where he guided participants to clean up their Space, Mind, Relationships and Body. In it I learned that every item you have, weighs on you incrementally and unconsciously. When you clean it up, it truly frees up your energy!

Tip #6 – Invest in organizational tools

Oh gosh, I tend to collect these and make my own out of little purple containers. My favorite type of store is Office Max/Depot. I could spend hours walking through the isles looking through all the office supplies and organizers.

When it comes to organizing my hand written notes, I use the amazing Levenger Circa Note Book system. Instead of spiral bound or 3 rings, the paper is on grooved discs. You can peel out the pages and rearrange it to anyway you want, any size of paper you want. And with the Circa punch you can make your own pages to fit in the book. I now have over 10 junior size notebooks that are organized by various topics. Main one has current conversation notes, prospect notes and active client notes. Then I have individual ones for long term clients, a diary, done todo lists, Genealogy, Program Notes, Archives, and Inactive/Past client notes. It really is an amazing system!

Tip #7 – Decorate your space

I’m obsessed with purple and Colorado/mountains things so I’ve accumulated a large collection of these. Yes even my stapler, letter opener and scissors are purple. Why have them boring black or un-matching when part of the fun is finding your favorite color‽ < This is a introbang, informally known as quexclamation mark.

Just count how many purple and Colorado things are there in the picture. LOL!

My personal tip is to have a ‘signature fragrance’ and sound that is only in your office and is one that you really love. In the time following my divorce when I rearranged my bedroom, I made it over into a Twilight Sanctuary. Watch the video I did on YouTube and yes I am a Twi-Hard.  My signature fragrance was the “Twilight in the Woods” soy cubes and warmer and had the soundtracks playing constantly on repeat. It was my haven and comforted me. You could have one of those sound gardens that play the ocean waves or a bubbling brook.

Tip #8 – Clean up at the end of the day

This one I actually recently started doing. It does start you out on the right foot the next day.
Every time I do a massive cleanup after I’ve let clutter accumulate in the whole house, it feels soooo good. They talk about “Inbox Zero” (which I can’t ever achieve) but I do strive for “Desktop Zero” and “Countertop Zero” in the kitchen.


So that’s how I do it. How do you?