Levenger Circa Notebook System

Have you wanted a notebook or daily planner that you could rearrange the pages?

For years I used the spiral bound Gold Fibre Project Planner from Wal-Mart.

Gold Fibre Project Planner

I loved the page layout but after a couple months of note taking, I would have my important ideas mixed in with the not-so-important notes scattered throughout the pages and not find them again.

I’ve tried the Daytimers, Franklin Coveys, the plain ol’ planners. Nothing fit me just right. I tried creating my own with a 3 ring binder with several page layouts that I designed but it wasn’t as sturdy or as small to fit nicely in my purse. So after a couple weeks it began gathering dust.

I had searched for many other solutions as well but never found anything until back in 2010 I happened across the Levenger Circa notebook system on http://bit.ly/levenger while websurfing. My sister was in the same room as me and was quite startled by my excitement. (The jump up and down hooping around the room kind) Finally what I had been looking for!


Instead of spiral bound or 3 rings, the paper is on grooved discs. You can peel out the pages and rearrange it to anyway you want, any size of paper you want. And with the Circa punch you can make your own pages to fit in the book. I use it as a brain book and absolutely love it!

I started out with the Circa Simply Irresistible Sampling Kit for $40 and it includes a $40 gift card for your next purchase which I bought the Circa Starter Kit (Junior) $14 plus Jr. page refills.

They also have a Clincher Discs that you can slide your pen through the center which is very handy.  I only use the Junior size and now have over 8 customized notebooks that keep me organized.

Sign up for the Levenger Product Catalog. It’s the one thing in the mail that I always look forward to. My wish list is very long…


Check out what other have to say about the Levenger Circa System:

I have been using the Levenger Circa notebook systemfor well over a decade. In fact, I’ve been a very happy Levenger customer and regular consumer of their products for about twenty-two years now. ~ Patrick Rhone

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