PurseabilityTeam2.jpgThanks, Karissa! Our success was due in no small part to all the branding and media work you did for us. Your work was everywhere at that Miche M-Power conference: on the purple shirts that our team proudly wore, on the Ask Me ABout My Purse buttons they all wore, and on the lanyards and nametags they all had. Well done, and thank you! ~ Bryan Green Thank YOU Karissa!! You are definitely part of our success!! Karen Moore Green  
Karen & Bryan Green,

GloriaMayfieldBank_profileimage.jpgKarissa, You have been nothing short of total joy. Your energy and commitment to excellence, your customer service, your creative ability and easy to work with has been outstanding. You came to us just at the right time. Toni needed to move to other responsibilities to impact women and you took the ability to support that to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. You made this communication tool critical and amazing to all who visit and to all who use it. That you for bringing the FORCE to life and making the MAGIC shine so bright. Love Gloria www.NSDGloria.com
Gloria Mayfield Banks,
Ind. Elite Executive National Sales Director with Mary Kay

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